featured writing

“Hegel 2.0: Warren McCulloch, Gotthard Günther, and The Imaginary History of Ternary Computing,” Cabinet Magazine 65, 33-42
“Farewell to Ontology: German Idealism after Humanism,” in Posthumanism in the Age of
, edited volume, co-edited with Edgar Landgraf and Gabriel Trop (New York:
Bloomsbury, 2018), 145-165


selected essays

  • “Medientheorie”in Frauke Berndt, Eckart Goebel (eds.): Literatur und Psychoanalyse, Berlin, Boston 2017 (Handbücher zur kulturwissenschaftlichen Philologie (HKP), eds. Claudia Benthien, Ethel Matala de Mazza, Uwe Wirth)
  • “A Reconsideration of the Romantic Fragment”Writing Polarity: German Romanticism and Science, special theme issue of Germanic Review 92 (4), 2017, 407-2 // honorable mention, Goethe Society Essay Prize 2018
  • “On the Conservation of Cultural Force: Naturphilosophie, Romantic Nationalism, and Prose Narrative in Joseph Görres and Adalbert von Chamisso”Germanic Review 92 (2), 2017, 189-200
  • “Police Psychology: E.T.A. Hoffmann’s Technological Narrative”Romantic Circles: Praxis, “New Work on German Romanticism,” 2016
  • “The Risk of Theory: Romanticism, Science, Media”invited contribution to “Forum: Romanticism” in German Quarterly 89 (3), 2016, 352-55
  • “The Romantic Circumstance: Novalis between Kittler and Luhmann,” SubStance 43, 2014, 46-66
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