current courses

selected recent courses: 

    • Irony from Antiquity to the Alt Right (Freshman Seminar), spring 2018
    • Technicization in 20th-Century German Thought (with Slavoj Zizek), fall 2016)
    • Narrating the Market: Capitalism in European and Us Literature and History (with Stephen Gross), course funded by the Center for the Humanities, fall 2016
    • Biological Careers: Narrative and Life-Science in the Long 19th Century (with Slavoj Zizek, “How to be a Materialist Today”), fall 2015
    • Speculative Technologies: Deutsche Romantik, fall 2014
    • Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, fall 2014
  • The Myth of the Machine: From Divine Automata to the Internet, spring 2013
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